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Ground Covers

Groundcovers are both decorative and functional, in that they often will thrive in the shade of trees or where lawns won't grow. They can also be effective in preventing soil erosion on banks. All have good foliage, some are evergreen and many are also flowering.

From a landscape design standpoint, groundcovers can brighten up dark corners and areas, and also aid in bringing out the colour, shape and texture of other plants and rocks as well as highlighting the contour of the garden itself.

The best known groundcovers are Crown Vetch, Japanese Spurge, Ajuga, Periwinkle and Goutweed, but there are many more varieties to choose from.

Listed here are some of ExperTrees' favorites.

Ground Covers
Variety Sun / Shade / Partial Shade Spacing
Wooly Yarrow S 30cm
Lady's Mantle S, PS 60cm
Leadwort S, PS 30cm
Duchesnea S, SH 30-45cm
Barrenwort S, PS 30cm
Rock Cress (Arabis Caucasica) S 20cm
Ajuga 'Bronze Beauty' S, SH 30cm
Ajuga 'Burgundy Glow' S, SH 30cm
Trifolium 'Purpurascens' S 30cm
Strawberry S 30cm
Creeping Jenny S, SH 45-60cm
Dwarf Lace Plant S 45cm
Creeping Veronica Sm PS 30cm
Snow-in-Summer S 45-60cm
Goutweed S, SH 30cm
Bugle Flower S, SH 30cm
Bearberry S, PS 30-45cm
Artemesia (Beech Wormwood) S 60cm
Bunchberry PS, SH 30cm
Lily of the Valley S, SH 30cm
Crown Vetch S, SH 45-60cm
Colorata Euonymus S, SH 60cm
Cotoneaster S, PS 10-60cm
Purple Winter Creeper S, SH 60cm
Wintergreen S, PS 45cm
Sweet Woodruff SH 30cm
English Ivy SH, PS 30-45cm
Lamium (Dead Nettle) S, SH 30-45cm
Yellow Archangel S, PS 45cm
Mazus S, PS 30cm
Japanese Spurge (Pachysandra) SH, PS 15-30cm
Creeping Potentilla SH, PS 60cm
Canby's Pachistima SH, PS 30cm
Irish or Scotch Moss S, SH 15-30cm
Sedum (many varieties) S 30cm
Thyme (Purple Carpet or Wooly) S, PS 30cm
Periwinkle SH, PS 30cm
Vinca Minor 'Illumination' SH, PS 30cm
Evergreen Groundcovers
Variety Sun / Shade / Partial Shade Spacing
Japanese Dwarf Garden Juniper S, PS 110cm
Blue Pacific Juniper S 75cm
Bar Harbor Juniper S 100cm
Icee Blue Juniper S 100cm
Motherlode Juniper S, PS 100cm
Blue Carpet Juniper S 100cm
Moon-Dense Juniper S, PS 100cm
Blue Chip Juniper S 100cm
Rose Groundcovers
Variety Sun / Shade / Partial Shade Colour
Carefree Delight S Soft Pink
Fiona S Dark Red
Flowering Carpet - Apple Blossom S Soft Pink
Flowering Carpet - Pink S Bright Pink
Flowering Carpet - Red S Vibrant Red
Flowering Carpet - Yellow S Medium Yellow
Fru Dagmar Hartopp S, PS Silver-Pink
Pavement - Dwarf S, PS Pink
Pavement - Pink S, PS Salmon Pink
Pavement - Purple S, PS Purple Red
Pavement - Snow S, PS White Pink
Sea Foam S Creamy White