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Forever linked to tradition and history, the rose is often considered the “Queen of all Flowers”. A known as a symbol of love, beauty and friendship, the rose has no equal in the joy and satisfaction it brings. The rose has a guaranteed place in every garden, large or small, and is available in a wide range of colours, fragrances and forms. There are many, many different varieties of roses, and they all fall into 14 categories.

Grandiflora Roses:
Resemble both Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Rose class. They are tall and vigorous, with clusters of large, well formed blooms.
Hybrid Tea Roses:
Generally tall and stately with large single, well formed blooms on long stems. They are excellent as a single specimen or in mixed plantings. These are traditional favorites for cutting flower arrangements - the “classic” rose.
Floribunda Roses:
the second largest class of roses and are often lower growing and hardier than Hybrid Tea. They bloom heavily in clusters and are well suited for mass planting and borders.
Climbing Roses:
vigorous and easy to grow and will bloom heavily for years. Ideal for a splash of colour on a fence, wall, arbour or trellis.
Hardy Climbing Shrub Roses:
Versatile and can be trained as climbers or left to ramble as large spreading shrubs. Exceptional winter hardiness, improved flowering and disease resistant.
English Roses by David Austin:
combine the best of both old and modern roses, and are famous for their old fashioned form, rich fragrance, vigour, hardiness and repeat bloom. Austin recommends these roses be planted in groups to fully appreciated their richness of colour and fragrance.
Hardy Canadian Explorer Roses:
Developed in Ottawa, these highly rated shrub roses combine exceptional winter hardiness, versatility, improved flowering and low maintenance.
Hardy Ground Cover Roses:
Hardy, spreading roses that will quickly cover large areas with low maintenance colour. Ideal for slopes, rocky areas, and even hanging baskets.
Hardy Shrub Roses:
Dense growth and bloom frequently all season. They are versatile, require little maintenance, and can be used in almost any landscape situation including a hedge.
Native Canadian and Species Roses:
Hardy, naturally occurring roses that are found in the wild. Most have only five petals, blooming in summer and produces rose hips in autumn. Excellent for naturalizing.
Antique Roses:
Cherished bu generations for casual form, delightful fragrance and old-fashioned charm. They add interest and history to any garden, can be used in mass planting or perennial gardens.
Miniature Roses:
Delightful bushes often grow only 18" tall or less and are literally covered with perfectly formed miniature blooms all summer. Ideal for rock gardens, perennial beds, borders, small spaces and containers.
Hardy Tree Roses:
Require no special winter protection, and can remain planted in the garden all year.
Tree Roses:
Distinctive and elegant in pots, planters or beds. Special winter protection is required. The
Language of Roses - Symbolic Meanings
    Red true love, respect, courage, passion
    White Reverence, humility, charm, innocence, purity
    Pink Grace, admiration, sympathy, gratitude
    Yellow Joy, gladness, friendship, achievement
    Orange Enthusiasm, desire
    Burgundy Subtle beauty
  Red and White Unity
  Red and Yellow Joviality, happiness

Roses can be difficult to grow and care for. Invest in their care and roses will prosper and reward you accordingly. Give them water, fertilizer, proper spraying, pruning, cultivation and winter protection. Also, your site and soil conditions will affect plant performance.

There are several different insect and fungus diseases that roses are susceptible to. Yellow leaves, Chlorosis, Aphids, Leaf Cutter Bees, Japanese Beetles, Rose Borers, Thrips, Spider Mites, Blackspot, Mildew, Canker Dieback and Crown Gall are problems to look out for that happen occasionally with roses. See the section on Insects and diseases for descriptions and solutions to these problems.

To help minimize the occurrence of fungus diseases, try simply planting garlic next to your roses. The garlic will dry up the fungus that is occurring on your plant.

Here is a list of ExperTrees’ favorite roses (by class and colour)

Grandiflora Roses

  • Candelabra (Coral-Orange)
  • Caribbean(Orange-Yellow)
  • Crimson Bouquet (Bright Red)
  • Glowing Peace (Gold-Orange)
  • Love (Red Blend)
  • Mount Hood (Ivory White)
  • Queen Elizabeth (Clear Pink)
  • Shining Hour (Brilliant Yellow)

Hybrid Tea Roses

  • Blue Girl (Lilac-Blue)
  • Chicago Peace (Pink-Yellow)
  • Chrysler Imperial (Dark Crimson)
  • Double Delight (Red-Cream)
  • Fragrant Cloud (Orange-Red)
  • Just Joey (Rich Apricot)
  • Love & Peace (Yellow-Pink)
  • Mister Lincoln (Deep Red)
  • Pascali (Pure White)
  • Rio Samba (Yellow-Orange)
  • Timeless (Deep Pink)
  • Tropicana (Orange Red)

Floribunda Roses

  • Angel Face (Deep Mauve-Lavender)
  • Apricot Nectar (Apricot-Pink-Gold)
  • Betty Boop (Ivory-Yellow, Red Edge)
  • Day Breaker (Yellow-Apricot-Pink)
  • Eureka (Yellow-Apricot-Gold)
  • Europeana (Dark Red)
  • Iceberg (Brilliant White)
  • Marmalade Skies (Orange-Red)
  • Singin’ in the Rain (Apricot-Gold)

Climbing Roses

  • America (Coral-Pink)
  • Blaze Improved (Bright Scarlet)
  • Don Juan (Dark Red)
  • Golden Showers (Golden Yellow)
  • Climbing Iceberg (Brilliant White)
  • Joseph’s Coat (Red-Yellow)
  • New Dawn (Soft Pink)
  • Westerland (Apricot-Orange)
  • White Dawn (Pure White)
  • Zephirine Drouhin (Deep Pink)
  • Hardy Climbing Shrub Roses
  • Captain Samuel Holland (Fuschia-Red)
  • Henry Kelsey (Bright Red)
  • John Cabot (Fuschia-Red)
  • John Davis (Rich Pink)
  • Sally Holmes (White-Pink)
  • William Baffin (Deep Pink)

English Roses by David Austin

  • Abraham Darby (Apricot-Yellow)
  • Brother Cadfael (Soft Pink)
  • Charles R. Mackintosh (Lilac-Pink)
  • English Garden (Soft Apricot-Yellow)
  • Fair Bianca (Pure White)
  • Gertrude Jekyll (Rich Pink)
  • Glamis Castle (Pure White)
  • Golden Celebration (Rich Gold Yellow)
  • Graham Thomas (Rich Pure Yellow)
  • L.D. Braithwaite (Brilliant Crimson)
  • The Pilgrim (Pure Yellow)
  • William Morris (Apricot-Pink)
  • William Shakespeare (Crimson-Purple)
  • Winchester Cathedral (Pure White)

Hardy Canadian Explorer Roses

  • Alexander Mackenzie (Medium Red)
  • Champlain (Dark Red)
  • Frontenac (Deep Pink)
  • Henry Hudson (Bright White)
  • Henry Kelsey (Bright Red)
  • Jens Munk (Lilac-Pink)
  • John Cabot (Fuschia-Red)
  • John Davis (Rich Pink)
  • John Franklin (Vibrant Red)
  • Martin Frobisher (Light Pink)
  • William Baffin (Deep Ink)

Hardy Groundcover Roses

  • Carefree Delight (Soft Pink)
  • Fiona (Dark Red)
  • Flowering Carpet Apple Blossom (Soft Pink)
  • Flowering Carpet Pink (Bright Pink)
  • Flowering Carpet Red (Vibrant Red)
  • Flowering Carpet Yellow (Medium Yellow)
  • Fru Dagmar Hartopp (Silver-Pink)
  • Dwarf Pavement (Pink)
  • Pink Pavement (Salmon Pink)
  • Purple Pavement (Purple-Red)
  • Snow Pavement (White-Pink)
  • Sea Foam (Creamy White)

Hardy Shrub Roses

  • Blanc Double de Coubert (Pure White)
  • Bonica (Delicate Pink)
  • Carefree Beauty (Clear Pink)
  • Golden Wings (Soft Yellow)
  • Hansa (Crimson Purple)
  • Kaleidoscope (Lavender-Tan)
  • Knock Out (Bright Red)
  • Morden Blush (Soft Pink-Ivory)
  • Roseraie de l’Hay (Crimson Purple)
  • Royal Bonica (Rich Pink)
  • The Fairy (Soft Pink)
  • Topaz Jewel (Butter Yellow)
  • Winnipeg Parks (Red-Pink)

Native Canadian Species Rose

  • Austin Cooper (Copper Orange)
  • Japanese (Creamy-White)
  • Persian Yellow (Golden Yellow)
  • Rugosa Rose Pink (Deep Pink-Red)
  • Rugosa Rose White (Pure White)

Antique Roses

  • Ferdinand Pichard (Red, White Stripes)
  • Louise Odier (Lilac-Pink)
  • Maiden’s Blush (Pink)
  • Queen of the Violets (Deep Purple-Violet)
  • Rosa Mundi (Red, White Stripes)
  • Stanwell Perpetual (Blush Pink)
  • Tuscany Superb (Dark Red)

Hardy Tree Roses

  • Bonica (Delicate Pink)
  • Hansa (Crimson Purple)
  • Knock Out (Bright Red)
  • Morden Blush (Soft Pink)
  • Morden Sunrise (Yellow-Coral-Orange)
  • Therese Bugnet (Rich Pink)
  • Winnipeg Parks (Red-Pink)

Tree Roses

  • Brandy (Golden Apricot)
  • Double Delight (Red-Cream)
  • Iceberg (Brilliant White)
  • Ingrid Bergman (Dark Red)
  • Mister Lincoln (Dark Red)
  • Oregold (Golden Yellow)
  • Peace (Yellow-Pink)
  • Perfume Delight (Deep Pink)
  • Queen Elizabeth (Clear Pink)
  • Secret (Pink Blend)
  • The Fairy (Soft Pink)
  • Tropicana (Orange-Red)