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Climbing Vines

Climbing Vines are a nice addition to your landscape design, both for their beauty and their practicality. Many climbing vines flower and have attractive fall colour, and grow quickly in one season, so are a good selection to cover a privacy screen. They can be grown on arbors to enhance the entranceway to your spectacular garden. They can also be used to cover aging fences or just to soften the look of a newer fence.

It has been popular over the past number of years to grow climbing vines on the brickwork of homes and buildings. We, at ExperTrees, do not suggest using climbing vines for this purpose, as some climbing vines can grow into and damage the brick. It also can damage windows, soffits, aluminum siding, and painted surfaces.

Listed here are several of ExperTrees favorite Climbing Vines.

Climbing Vines
Variety Zone Sun / Shade / Partial Shade  Height
Ornamental Kiwi 4 PS, SH 6m
Fiveleaf Akebia (Chocolate Vine) 5 S, SH 9m
Variegated Porcelain Vine 6 S, SH 6m
Dutchman's Pipe 5 S, SH 10m
Trumpet Vine (Hummingbird Vine) 5 S 10m
American Bittersweet 3 S, PS 4m
English (Baltic) Ivy 6 S, SH 5m
Climbing Hydrangea 5 S, SH 11m
Japanese Hydrangea Vine 6 S, SH 10m
Climbing Honeysuckle (9 col. Avail.) 5 S, PS 5m
Virginia Creeper 2 S, SH 18m
Boston Ivy 5 S, SH 8m
Silver Lace Vine 5 S 5m
Blue Crown Passionflower 7 S 10m
Riverbank Grape 3 S, SH 10m
Wine Grape Vines 5 S vary
Chinese Wisteria (13 col. Available) 6 S, SH 5m
Japanese Wisteria  (8 col. Avail.) 6 S 8m
Clematis - 56 Large Flowering Var. 3-6 S, PS, SH (dep. on variety) Varies
Clematis - 4 Alpine Varieties 2-4 S, PS, SH (dep. on variety) Varies
Clematis - 3 Downy Varieties 3-4 S, PS, SH (dep. on variety) Varies
Clematis - 5 Anemone Varieties 4-5 S, PS, SH (dep. on variety) Varies
Clematis - 5 Italian Varieties 3-5 S, PS Varies
Clematis - 1 Sweet Autumn Var. 2 S Varies
Clematis - 4 Golden Varieties 2-4 S, PS Varies